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Water quality in the Rhine River Basin has the capacity to impact all uses of water. Altering recreational, industrial, and domestic uses, water quality can affect each member of the basin community including youth. However, public awareness on issues of water quality is often underdeveloped, limiting the capacity of end-users to influence change.

The pilot project seeks to build a grounded, youth-led effort to contextualize water quality in the basin by understanding how it impacts and is perceived by youth and by promoting positive interventions of data collection and dissemination of information. We hope that our efforts will not only shine a light on how youth experience water quality in the basin but will also build the capacity of the transboundary youth community to make positive change. 



The pilot project seeks to understand how youth within the Rhine Basin are impacted by and perceive the river’s water quality. Based on these findings, the pilot project will work to address concerns by elevating the voices of youth to basin decision-makers, collecting data to fill any gaps, and engaging in outreach campaigns that build awareness.

To better understand the various perspectives of youth, the pilot project has developed a water quality survey that we plan to launch on 12 April. Please feel free to respond and share; we want to hear your voice!



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She is a Doctoral Candidate at the IHE Delft Institute of Water Education. She is passionate about transboundary water quality governance and the agency of local communities to address water challenges

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