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The youth in the Rhine River Basin have a variety of wishes and priorities, that are often overlooked. 

The Implementation Committee seeks to highlight the importance of specific issues, by offering engagement and education activities aiming to serve as an example for how youth engagement and the voice of the youth can be strengthened.


The Implementation Committee is organised into Working Groups, focusing on a variety of topics highlighted as priorities by youth in the Rhine Basin

Current working groups focus on organising activities on topics of climate adaptation, water quality, decision-making in the Basin, and more!



Alessandro Caretto


He is a Civil Engineer, recently graduated from the Polytechnic of Milan in the Masters's CERM Programme (Civil Engineering for Risk Mitigation) focused on Hydrogeological Risk Mitigation. Currently, he is working in the laboratory IceCube-SERTIT at the University of Strasbourg, where he applies remote sensing techniques to monitor the extension of the water basins in the Grand-Est region of France.

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