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Connect young end-users across the Rhine Basin and empower them to identify their priorities and perceptions on issues related to climate change and the Water-Food-Energy (WEF) nexus.


Host different activities (webinars, workshops and art exhibitions) which target young people in the Rhine Basin: professionals and non-professionals, so we can collect their perceptions

Work through the ABCD Model of co-creation, and try to engage various stakeholders in the discussion loop between the different components of the model. In the first phase of the project, we begin by mainly targeting the ‘A’ (authority/administrators) and ‘D’ (demos or in our case the young end-users)

Launching the road towards future activities and youth consultations  in the next phases of the project

Working together with the other committees of the project to achieve the best results




Amin Shakya is an Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree student in Flood Risk Management in association with IHE Delft Institute of Water Education. Previous experience includes various roles in disaster recovery with professional interest along the theme of technological applications for disaster risk reduction. 

Amrita Gautam.jpg

Amrita Gautam is a Ph.D. Candidate in the final phase of research work at the Technical University of Cologne in cooperation with Institute of Engineering (IOE)- TU, Nepal. She has worked for various ‘United Nations (UN) Organizations and Research Projects’ in Nepal, Germany Mozambique, Brazil, Canada & the USA.

If you are interested in sharing innovative climate stories/case studies with us or if you have any suggestions regarding topics, strategies and speakers, please contact us by filling out the Contact Form

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