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Photo Competition

My Rhine My Story: Text


Rivers contribute about 1 % of the total freshwater on the earth, of which a large portion is consumed for human use.  Covering an area of 185,000, the Rhine river is one of the largest rivers in Europe, flowing through a length of 1,230 km. Many of Europe’s largest and most well known cities are situated along the banks of this river and as such the Rhine is often called ‘the highway for Europe’s freight’. 

Everyone who sees or lives within the Rhine basin has their own connection and story to tell about the area - and we are all eyes and ears for your experiences!  

Through one picture, and a maximum of 50 words, tell us your Rhine story which can be themed around its nature, flow, wildlife, ecosystems, environment or pollution. 

My Rhine My Story: Text


  • Entry is free and open to all below 35 years

  • Each participant is allowed a single entry only (collages are not allowed)

  • The photo should be taken by you, and not anyone else.

  • The photo should be original (avoid any filters and editing effects etc.)

  • The photo should be related to water, river, wildlife around the river, river-based activities,water pollution and conservation.

  • Captions related to theme or related to photo should be included in the submission and must contain a maximum of 50 words (Use the caption to tell your story about the Rhine)

My Rhine My Story: Text


Post your photo and story (50 words max) through your personal FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM and TAG us. You can also submit via the submission form - HERE

Deadline to submit - 30th September 2021 - 18:00 HRS CET

Criteria of shortlisting submissions: 

 1) Adherence to the theme

 2) Originality

 3) Uniqueness of the concept

 4) Clarity and innovative means of delivering the message

Prizes: Top three entries shall receive cash vouchers. 

Certificates for both participants and winners will be provided 

My Rhine My Story: Image
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